Wellness Packages

Health and Wellness Screening

Creating awareness, promoting health and disease prevention is our philosophy.

With today’s hectic lifestyle and increased stress levels, it has become easier to neglect the greatest instrument you possess: your body. Your body is your main asset. Treasure it always.

Through regular screenings, preventive measures can be taken to ensure that the mildest symptoms do not go unnoticed. Potential health hazards can be detected before they become life-threatening.

Our Health Screening Unit offers specially-designed health screening packages that include a range of diagnostic tests and consultations. Packages are tailored to provide comprehensive health assessments that allow you to experience preventive healthcare at its best.

Something for everyone

Assunta’s Health Screening Unit is located on Level 2 and has an array of comprehensive screening packages available for both men and women of all ages. All you need to do is choose the most suitable programme from among the many packages offered.


Call the Health Screening Unit at 03-7872 3038 / 3039 or email us at wellness@staging.apps.my

Appointments needs to be made 5 working days in advance.

Health Screening Unit Operation Hours

Monday – Friday: 7.00am – 5pm
Saturday: 7.00am – 2pm
Sunday & Public Holidays: Closed

Important Notes (Instructionon & Preparation)

Blood Profile Detail (General Screening Profile-GS5)



Assunta Silver (age<30)

Assunta Signature (age 30-40)

Assunta Platinum (age 40-50)

Assunta Diamond (age>50)


Assunta Ruby (age<40)

Assunta Premium (age>40)


Cardiac Wellness