Do I need a CAD software?

Hi everyone,

I started a new job at a small real estate firm.

For my job, we often need to know what is constructible on a parcel of land. This is usually the job of an architect and so far we always went that route.

However, I feel like at least for the early stages of assessing feasibility, an architect is not needed.

Basically, all I need is to draw on my parcel some bands in which nothing can be built (typical regulation would be 6m on the front, 10m on the back and 4.5 on the sides) and some polygons where the buildings would be. I need to be able to measure everything.

So far I've been using QGIS which offers some drawing features that look nice. However, we received an file from an architect and he also had included a basic 3D rendering of what the building would roughly look like. Nothing essential but looks cool.

I'm not sure I really need anything else than QGIS but I figure that if it's something that I'm going to do pretty regularly, maybe I should check out how the pros do it.

So do you think I need to change my workflow (either for better efficiency of more functionalities that would prove useful)?

Note that there's no way my boss would pay for a new software so if I go the CAD route I'll need to look into the many free alternatives. If one the free alternatives is particularly well suited (or particularly ill-suited) for what I'm trying to do, please let me know!


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