It is irony that sometimes we lost the item that we love and could never found it again. Theft or misplacement could be the cause but wouldn’t it be cool to have CCTV watching over your property.

We installed a CCTV system for our client in restaurant business. One day, a lady customer complained that she has left her handphone in the restaurant and accused the cashier has taken it.

The manager on duty invited the customer to the office and playback the CCTV footage when the incident happened. The video showed that the customer had misplaced her handphone near the condiments counter when she took the ketchup. The handphone was later taken by some other customer.


A lot of stuffs happened at business premises. If you have not installed CCTV at your business place, visit here to find out what we can offer.

Check out the below youtube video. It is amazing what people would do to get your belongings.