When selection CCTV System for your home, it is important to consider the features that come with it rather than just base on the lowest price.

Below are some important features that impact your CCTV system the most:


1) Resolution: Measured in megapixel (MP). This feature determine how clear the video images are. As of the time this article is written, 5.0MP camera is available in the market. The higher the MP, the clearer the picture. However, you will also need larger storage capacity to store the video.

2) Night Vision: Most camera in the market comes with this feature. However, there is no harm to ask the seller how good is the camera’s night vision or simply just ask for a demo. Since most crime happened in the dark, you may want to take this feature seriously.


3) WDR (Wide Dynamic Range). Ever experience when you looked at someone who is standing in front of bright light, you see the person in dark. The same goes for the camera. This is because normal camera would auto-adjust itself¬†towards the brighter light. Well, don’t confuse yourself with the mumbo jumbo of the technology, just look for camera with WDR feature if it is going to be facing bright light such as the sunlight or spotlight.


4) Weather Resistance: Look for camera with weather resistance for outdoor application, meaning that it would be exposed to the weather. For indoor application, you can ignore this feature.

Selecting Security Camera For Home

I hope this article somehow help you in your search for home CCTV system.