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Spy Camera Application

There are many types of spy camera (also called hidden camera) in the market. They are either very small (not visible to the naked eye up to certain distance, normally few meters) or disguise itself as something else such as a smoke detector, motion sensor...

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Best Wireless Security Camera System

There are many Security Camera in the market that claimed to be wireless. However, most "wireless security camera" still require power line. Although the video signal could be transmitted in the air, it still needs power to operate. Unfortunately, we still...

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Selecting Security Camera For Home

When selection CCTV System for your home, it is important to consider the features that come with it rather than just base on the lowest price. Below are some important features that impact your CCTV system the most: 1) Resolution: Measured in megapixel...

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Who took the Phone?

It is irony that sometimes we lost the item that we love and could never found it again. Theft or misplacement could be the cause but wouldn't it be cool to have CCTV watching over your property. We installed a CCTV system for our client in restaurant business. One...

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How to Setup An Analog CCTV System?

With today's technology, installing a CCTV system is super easy. There are 2 types of widely use CCTV system, namely IP (internet protocol) and Analog system. For the sake of not confusing everyone, we will only focus on Analog System in this topic. You will need the...

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How Much Does CCTV Camera Cost?

The cost for surveillance camera also known as cctv security camera installment relies on what sort of surveillance cctv camera system you desire, the features you are thinking about such as remote surveillance using mobile phones as well as tablets and lastly the...

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