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Today’s urban audience spends more time than ever away from home, in a space where Building advertising has become an influential part of daily life. This space is where we come in, bridging your brand with your audience.


Malaysia will have more than 8 million working professionals by 2021 and most of them will be located in the Klang Valley working in mid to large, local and international organisations. These are the professionals who fall under the “medium to big earners” category with high purchasing capabilities. It is only natural for brands wanting to reach them with their latest campaigns.


The problem is, in the era of digital mobility, it is increasingly difficult for brands to reach them. These highly potential customers are always busy and their media consumption habits are constantly evolving because the media landscape has changed, with some becoming irrelevant while others have gone obsolete. Brands are now looking at strategies allowing them to go where their target audience are. Allowing them to connect at the right time, at the right location, with the right message.


 Digital Office Building Advertising Network is becoming more and more popular globally because of its ability to offer brands the opportunity to connect with the hard to reach audience in busy central business districts.With increasing awareness of tenants’ well-being and to elevate their working environment, building owners are upgrading the conduciveness of main lobbies, wait for areas and lift lobbies. 


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Part of these upgrading includes some form of visual digital content with relevant news and advertisements.

Digital Office Building Advertising Network – the professional reach.

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