Service above Self

Developing Sustainable Healthy Community

As the nation moves towards making Malaysia as a developed country, each and every individual should find a way to ensure that no one person or community is left behind. Every community must be given the skill to be self-reliant and empowered to do what is needed for the welfare of all Malaysians…we are Doctors for All Malaysians

Story of

Community Empowerment

“DRsForAll” – A community-empowerment initiative by the FPMPAM in partnership with Ministry of Health

Medical Outreach

DRS4ALL run monthly medical outreach clinics for the remote Orang Asli communities in Peninsular Malaysia. We have been doing this for the past 6 years including for remote communities in East Malaysia

Volunteer Doctors

Our medical team consists of volunteer doctors, both GPs and specialists. We also have non-medical volunteers as well as medical students on board with our mission. We have a core of dedicated and committed senior doctors and we regularly recruit new volunteers. We intend to offer this program as a base for medical schools to train their students in frontier medicine.

Emergency Equipment

Our base Medik OA post in Kg Dayok, Ulu Lipis is equipped with basic emergency equipment and powered with a solar system to allow it to be functional round the clock.

With this facility we can now provide secondary and tertiary – based medical care to these communities via our tele-medicine program.

Our vision is to ensure sustainability and empower the community

We have an established Medik OA vocational training curriculum and have also trained a core team of Orang Asli mediks to look after their medical post 24/7.They have all passed the Basic Life Saving and are certified with the St. Johns’ Ambulance Malaysia.

They are being trained and recertified yearly with the aim to become trainers themselves.