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JomSign is a WEB BASED system that allows users to create digital signatures, add text, shapes, symbols inputs, sign PDF documents online and many more features.

JomSign allows users to manage files through a database file system and folders.

Requesting signatures couldn’t be more easier since it’s just a matter of sending an email request via Request sign feature. We have a lot more features in JomSign. Check out some of them on the list below;

Create Electronic Signatures

JomSign allows users to create digital signatures they can use to sign documents online. JomSign supports three ways to create a digital signature.


Chakra Suria is an online tool that can be integrated to any website or mobile application that requires users to legally sign documents. Many industries require documents signed and doing this digitally improves the customer journey and business processes.

Quick returns

chakra Suria has the ability to get documents signed and back to the sender quickly, efficiently and securely.

Get creative

Chakra Suria allows users to choose from a selection of fonts, so that your e-signature is your own stamp of approval.

Easy signing anywhere

The chakra Suria tool can be used in any industry, for any application. If something needs a compliant signature then Chakra suria holds its own.

e-signatures in action

Create secure and intuitive e-signature workflows on any device, track the status of documents right in your account, build online fillable forms – all within a single solution.

Key Features 


We have created a drawing pad where you can draw your own signature on a phone, tablet or computer to match your signature. Once you have drawn your signature it will be saved and no need to re draw again unless you want to update it.

Text Signature

JomSign gives you suggestion if text signature where you type your signature and you choose from a list of handwritten fonts that will create a signature from your name. You can update the styling options like color, weight etc


if you already had a digital signature on your phone or computer you can simply upload it and use it on JomSign. Sign PDF files – Once you have created your signature you can sign any document, anytime, anywhere using JomSign. JomSign is mobile friendly, that means you can use any device. Sign on the go

Digital Rubber stamp

Rubber stamp documents online. JomSign allows you to created a digital rubber stamp online from a variety of templates and the rubber stamp your documents online from anywhere

Add text to PDF files

If you text content to add to your PDF document. You can simply add them using out PDF editor that allows you to add text and style them. We support wide text styling: bold, italic, color, font size, font type, underline, strike through etc. Add symbols, images & shapes to PDFs – With the new JomSign editor you can add symbols, shapes and images to you pdf. You can resize, color and duplicate these elements.


If you template contracts, agreements etc. Pretty much any template you use on your business. You can upload them on JomSign, add fields and share with your team, clients or freelancers to sign or edit.


This feature comes in handy when you are working in a company with departments. You can create departments and add team to each department. After that files can be shared to select departments and will only be visible to members of that department only.

Multiple file formats

JomSign now support four file formats: PDF, Excel, Word & Powerpoint. So you don’t have to worry about any limitations. JomSign has cloudconvert that will allow you to convert this files to PDF before you edit them or send requests.

Add custom fields and inputs

You will always have fields that are needed regularly when dealing with documents. Fields like Full name, email, address etc. You can create and save a list of your custom fields on JomSign and use them whenever you need. This saves you a lot of time and hustle of typing them over and over again. With Inputs, You can add inputs to your PDF document and when you send a request. The recipient will receive the document and asked to fill the inputs you created.

1. Password Protected folders & files

Another security feature that comes with JomSign is password protection. You can protect your files or folders with a password and no one can access them without the password.

2. Bulk delete files and folders

Initially files where deleted one by one which was hectic but now you can select multiple files and delete them.

3.Drag and drop files to folders

You can move files and folders by simply dragging them and dropping them on the folder you want to move to.

4.Disk usage and file usage limits

Monitor you files and disk usage from your dashboard. For those buyers who use JomSign for commercial purpose this feature comes in handy when billing your clients.

5.Signature Request

JomSign allows user to request other parties to sign a document via email. You can send a request to users who don’t have JomSign accounts and they can sign as guests with no account. Also you can select specific points on your document you want the other party to sign.

6.Import files

JomSign supports importing files from dropbox and google docs. So you don’t need to worry about downloading them the re uploading them.

7.Self signed digital signature

Signature signed on documents by JomSign are Valid self signed signature and are recognized by other softwares like Adobe.

8.Fast processing speed

We have improved our structure and code. Now JomSign is faster than ever with clean code written on WEB BASED with MVC model.

9.Document Chat

Document is an amazing feature that allows easy collaborations. Users can chat on doc and also save notes on the same chat. Chat history is recorded for each document. So documents have unique chat history.


 You can adjust document accessibility to decide who sees a document. You can see it to be visible to everyone, departments or only you.

11. Beautiful and responsive UI

JomSign was made with love and passion that’s why it looks stunning.

12. Duplicate files

Instead of uploading a similar document, you can simply duplicate them via JomSign.

Rotate files

Import files

Self signed

Fast processing speed



Teams & customers

Multi user



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