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Natural Bleach Sdn Bhd is a customer focused company, providing products to match the needs for today, and developing new products to meet the future needs of the industry.



The Matrix Group’s solutions have always been based on technically strong research and development. We strive to understand the processes involved and to apply this knowledge to produce effective products that work efficiently.


Our quality control laboratory is well equipped to measure the key properties of bleaching earth. The testing equipment is of the highest standard, and includes moisture meters, vibrating sieves, automatic Lovibond Tintometers, automatic bulk density and oil-filtration   time analysis equipment.




Quality control begins at the mine-site, where the desired raw clay is selectively mined, under the watchful eyes of – mining  specialists. Any impurities present are removed, and the quality of the clay is verified before despatch to the factory.


Our Products are shipped all around the world since 1977.
Our bleaching earths are available in 25kg multi-ply paper sacks, Jumbo bags (e.g. 1,000kg), and in some locations in bulk-powder tanker loads.


Our technical support laboratory is well equipped, and our experienced team of technical experts is on hand to provide our customers with a high standard of technical support.


Natural Bleach Sdn Bhd is ISO: 9001 & HACCP Certified, and all our products are Halal & Kosher certified.


Bleaching Earths are utilized as they remove a number of undesirable components from the oil being processed, e.g. :-  Soaps, gums, trace metals, and oxidized materials, such as aldehydes and ketones that are off-flavours, off-odours and act as pro-oxidants, and would otherwise lead to rapid development of rancidity in the refined oil. 

Soaps are a source of trace metals that adversely affects the stability of the refined oil, and lead to Free Fatty Acid rise when acidic bleaching earths are used.

Gums, if not removed would result in frothing and spiting when wet foodstuffs are fried in the refined oil.

Pigments, such as Chlorophyll and Carotene that, in the presence of sunlight, could lead to oxidation  and the development of rancidity. It should be noted that Carotene is a nutritional functional component, as it is converted to vitamin A in our body. Vitamin A is necessary for the maintenance of good eyesight. For this reason, there may be a requirement to maintain the carotene content of the oil, whilst removing other undesirable components. (Our product range includes bleaching earths that enable the carotene to be maintained in the oil, whilst the undesirable components are removed).

Local Presence. International Exposhure

Our production facilities are strategically located in North Port Klang, Malaysia, from where we ship our products worldwide, as well as to our local customers in Peninsular Malaysia.

Growing over the years

Natural Bleaching continued to grow over the years, expanding its range to include acid-activated bleaching earths, and has proved most successful with its range of activated carbon blended bleaching earth. In 2020 NBSB purchased a larger factory, at Port Klang, Malaysia, to enable an expansion of capacity for bleaching earths production to 150,000 metric tonnes per annum.

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Towards healthier palm oil

Towards healthier palm oil

3- and 2-MCPDs and GEs pose a potential cancer risk and it is therefore important for edible oil...

FIT TO application

Selection of bleaching earth is dependent on the type of edible oil refined, quality of the edible oil feedstock, the refining process and the desired quality of the refined oil. Correct selection of fit for purpose bleaching earth also plays a role in maximizing a refinery’s full potential capabilities.

Edible Oils

Edible Oils, which have triglyceride composition rich in monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids, make the oils extremely sensitive to oxidate damage and quality deterioration. The oxidation process eventually leads to colour darkening and off-flavour, which in an advanced stage will cause the oil to go rancid, causing an unpleasant odour/flavour. In view of refined edible oils and fats forming an important part of everyone’s diet, bleaching earth are utilized to adsorb various impurities from oils and fats. This imparts better stability to the oils and fats, which means that they have longer shelf life. Most important of all, we believe the quality does not stop at your factory but goes all the way to the dining table.


Apart from edible uses, oils and fats are employed in a multitude of other non-edible applications. Soaps are probably the most important of these non-edible applications and bleaching earth of the highest standard are necessary to ensure that the oil base meets the stringent requirements in the production of cosmetic and toilet soap.


There are many applications where bleaching earth are utilised to refine oils, fats and waxes for non-edible purposes. Among them are the utilization of highly refined linseed and soya bean oils in the formulation of high-quality surface coatings. Refined waxes are ingredients in some of the best-known and durable car polishes. Refined white petroleum jelly and white oil (liquid paraffin) are used in the manufacturing of cosmetics, personal care and pharmaceutical products. High active bleaching earth are also utilised in the refining of caster oil for industrial applications.

Bio Fuels

Increasing environmental awareness has been one of the driving forces towards production of renewable fuels, such as methyl ester. Bleaching earth are used widely in pre-treatment and post-treatment of methyl esters to meet stringent international biodiesel quality specifications. The bleaching earth mainly function as an adsorption agent in soap removal.

We Provide Technical Consultation

Having direct control over our supply chain improves our management of product consistency. We have control over our supply chain starting from our mining operations until product distribution. Besides managing consistency of our raw materials, our investment in raw materials also assures us sustainable supply of raw materials.

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