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Quick Coupling System 
(Auto Lock)

SRG – inventor of the one-click interlock system, ensures a safe and leak-tight connection before switching on the regulator and eliminating the potential of gas leakage

Standard Gas Regulator’s connection requires alignment with the valve. The switch is turned on to secure the regulator and the valve’s connection. If the regulator is not connected properly or the connection is worn out, gas leakage may occur, causing potential danger to consumers.

SRG Quick Coupling Regulator’s interlock feature ensures a safe and leak-tight connection between the valve and regulator. The connection lever and on/off switch interlocked to ensure easy and safe handling. Connection is simple, by just pressing down the regulator onto the valve. An audible “click” sound indicates the regulator is safely connected and the regulator can be turned on. The regulator can only be disconnected when the regulator is completely turned off.

Excess Flow Valve 
(Auto Cut-Off)

In case of an excessive outlet flow (hose rupture), the limiter will shut off the gas flow through the outlet nozzle.
The regulator is equipped with an automatic EFV system that cuts off the gas with a flow limiter if it exceeds the rated capacity in case of a ruptured hose or a leaking appliance (approx. 1500 l air/hr). After cut-off the gas escape is limited to maximum 35 l air/hr. A reliable automatic EFV system ensures gas supply is able to be restored once the flow returns to its rated capacity and is deemed to be safe for usage.

Inlet Safety Valve
(Leak Protection) 

In case of a leaking cylinder valve, this safety feature will stop the gas passing through the regulator to the appliance.
This shut-off valve protects consumers from a leaking cylinder valve. It completely seals the leak from cylinder valve outlet. This additional safety feature is in place for consumers’ peace of mind.

Reserve Indicator &
Leak Testing Device

Easiest and most reliable way to check for reserve gas level and detection of leak.

SRG indicator regulator is designed to provide consumers a reliable reserve indication on the remaining level of gas in your cylinder. The indicator will also allow consumers to perform a reliable leak tightness test on your installation.

Why Choose SRG Gas Regulators?

Original Rackow System

The quick coupling technology was first invented by Schultz Rackow Gasteknik, or SRG, in the 1930s. Many have since adopted the same quick coupling/clip on technology in various regulator brands today.

Safest & Most Reliable

With a global service footprint and millions of regulators in use around the world, Rotarex SRG is the preferred brand for global gas companies and distributors. It is the most reliable and safest gas regulator available in the market today.

Made In Germany

Rotarex SRG is the world leader in premium quality LP Gas regulators and a range of gas accessories. Every product is produced with cutting-edge German technology.

Warranty Program

Rotarex SRG warrants to the original purchasers the products to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service for a period of 5 years from the date of manufacture. Terms & conditions apply.

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