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With customers’ trust as the foundation, we are here to ensure professional services and vehicles under our care are treated diligently during its journey with us.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about vehicle transport.
If you have any additional questions, concerns, or requests, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

1. Getting a Quote

  1. First point: ‘Get a quote form’ doesn’t link to anything. Please advise.
  2. First point: phone number is wrong. +603-55691188. Note: please make sure that all the areas with our phone number is correctly updated and matches.

2. Booking You Transport

Ready to book? Upon acceptance of quote, an order confirmation will be issued for with details of schedule, collection and delivery point, rate and payment details will be advised in confirmation order. Acknowledge Order confirmation and email back to our office.

3. Carrier Assignment

Our dispatch department will assign a carrier matching your desired route and timeframe. You will receive all the details you need once the pickup has been scheduled, and the driver will connect with you or your designated representative to finalize pickup and delivery arrangements.

4. Pickup

Prior to loading your vehicle, the driver will perform a thorough inspection for any pre-existing scratches, dents, or other damage, which will be documented on the delivery order. Both the driver and your designated representative will sign and keep a copy of the delivery order so you can be confident the vehicle was delivered in the same condition when it was collected.

Upon inspection, your vehicle will be loaded onto the carrier and start its journey to the delivery location.

5. Delivery

At delivery location, your vehicle will be unloaded and undergo a final inspection to ensure it arrived in good condition.
Our carriers are among the best in the world, and your vehicle will be transported with the best professional care. But in the event of any damage during vehicle during transport, you or your representative should mark any changes in the vehicle’s condition on the delivery order and contact us immediately. Please note that normal wear and tear is not considered damage upon delivery. If you have any questions about this, please feel free to contact us!

After the inspection is complete, both the driver and your representative will sign and keep a copy of the delivery order. If a remaining balance is due, you may pay the driver via cash, money order, cashier’s check, or official bank check. Once the delivery order has been signed and the final payment has been made, your vehicle delivery is complete.

Will My Vehicle Be Driven?

Our carriers will only drive your vehicle to load and unload it from the car carrier. Please be sure to verify and sign off on your vehicle’s mileage during pickup and delivery inspections. In most cases, you will see up to one extra mile on your odometer at time of delivery. If the truck cannot pull up to your door and/or we do not service to your area, you can arrange for your vehicle to be collect and/or delivered to our base of operations.

Does Your Car Carrier transport Inoperable or Unusual Vehicles, Motorcycles, Or Extra Parts?

We only transport vehicles on our Car Carriers.

Please let us know in advance if your vehicle is inoperable and whether or not it rolls, brakes, and steers. If a driver arrives for pickup without advance notice that a vehicle is inoperable, the deposit is subject to forfeit.

We carry all new/used vehicles that include sedan, window van, SUV, MPV, 4x4,and luxury models, sports cars, racing cars and supercars. We do not carry wrecked cars.

Why Does It Cost More to Transport an SUV or Pickup Truck than a Sedan?

Most of the cost to transport a vehicle is related to its dimensions and distance. Also, some carriers cannot naturally hold more SUV compared to a Sedan, so the car carrier has to take one or two car fewer than normal to accommodate the larger vehicle. Due to these variables, it usually costs more transport SUV.

How Do You Determine the Price to transport My Car?

The price for your transport is determined by vehicle dimension, route mileage, delivery and pickup locations, insurance coverage and any specific needs you may have. We’re committed to providing you with the best service at the best possible price.

Why Is It Better To Transport My Car In An Enclosed Trailer?

Simply put, enclosed car carrier provides a smoother, safer ride. An enclosed trailer will protect your vehicle from hazards such as weather conditions, dirt, dust, rocks, and vandalism. Covered trailers also carry fewer cars at a time, enabling faster delivery. We strongly recommend enclosed carriers for your vehicle transport needs. We do, however, work with open carriers nationwide. If you prefer this method of transport, we will help you secure the best option for your vehicle.

What Is The Difference Between Open Carrier And Enclosed Carrier Transportation?

An open carrier holds between eight to ten cars, depending on the dimensions of the cars. Most of these trailers are equipped with chains rather than belts, and cars are loaded by being driven up the truck’s ramps. Open carriers are not equipped for low-slung cars, and they possess no fixed floor for transporting bikes. These carriers are suited only to moving regular, everyday vehicles, as vehicles moved via open carrier are exposed to weather and road conditions. Open carriers normally provide door-to-door delivery between the manufacturer and the dealership.

Enclosed carriers are custom-built trailers that hold up to 6 passenger vehicles or 4 SUVs depending on the dimensions. They utilize a rear lift gate, which acts as an elevator to safely lift vehicles into place, designed for low slung cars. Enclosed carrier drivers secure vehicles in a horizontal position using lashing belts and metal stoppers together on all 4 tyres, the proper way to secure high end cars. Enclosed carrier service is recommended for custom, antique, classic, exotic, racing cars and luxury vehicles. Since this carrier is covered, the vehicles loaded during transport are not exposed to weather or road conditions. This mode of transport costs more, but it is safer and far more superior.


How Far In Advance Should I Schedule The Transport Of My Vehicle?

The earlier your transport is scheduled, the more likely it is that we can accommodate your preferred timeframe. For best results, schedule your transport at least seven days in advance. Expedited services may be arranged subjected to availability of carriers for last minute and time-sensitive transports.

How Long Does It Take To Pick Up And Deliver Vehicles?

Transport times vary depending on pickup and delivery locations, depending on the exact distance being travelled. Traffic, road conditions, severe weather, truck breakdowns, and other unforeseen events may slow down delivery. Also, drivers are limited by law to a specific number of miles and hours per day. Due to these limitations and variables, pickup and delivery dates are estimated but not guaranteed.

If your pick up or delivery location is in a remote area, meeting the driver in a nearby town or city may help expedite the process.

Can I Specify Pickup And Delivery Dates?

You can specify a pickup date! Depending on your location, we generally need a window of date options for pickup, but we offer date-specific service for an additional fee.

What Type Of Payments Do You Accept?

We accept cash, cashier checks, money orders, direct deposits, company checks, wire. We also accept all credit cards, with an additional charge of processing fee.

How Does Payment Work?

Payment can be done via our online payment portal. Alternatively if you are a B2B customer and have a direct account with us, we will proceed to invoice your account and set the term days of that payment will need to be made by.


Can I Transport Any Personal Items In My Vehicle?

We recommend that you do not leave any personal belongings in the vehicle. Items may shift during transport and damage the vehicle’s interior. Starrtrek Carriers is not liable for any damage caused to or by loose items during transport.  Additional contents may block the driver’s view when loading your vehicle, and they may add additional weight to the vehicle. Damage or loss of items left in your vehicle is not covered by our insurance.

If you decide to transport personal items inside your vehicle, the total weight of these items must not exceed 50 pounds. Personal items must be kept in the trunk or back seats below the window line. Extra charges will apply for the shipment of any personal items exceeding 50 pounds. Note that if extra items put the carrier over its total weight restrictions, expensive fines may result.

Absolutely no firearms, hazardous materials, illegal substances, or contraband may be in your vehicle during transport.

What Are The Requirements Of The Vehicle Inspection?

To ensure your satisfaction, the following are required for pre- and post-during transport inspections:

  • You or your designated representative must be present for the inspections at time of pickup and delivery.
  • You or your representative must sign the delivery order and condition report at both pickup and delivery locations.
  • You and/or your designated representative(s) are responsible for confirming your vehicle’s condition. This must be done before the driver leaves the pickup and delivery locations.

Pre-existing damage will be noted on the delivery order by our representative at time of pickup. In the unlikely event that damage occurs during transport, it will be noted by our representative on the delivery order at time of delivery.

What Should I Do Before My Vehicle Is Transported?

Here’s a list of the steps you should take to prepare your vehicle for transport:

  • Remove all personal belongings.
  • Perform any preventative maintenance needed.
  • Take care of any obvious fluid leak. Leaking fluids damage your vehicle or other vehicles during transport. If a leak from your vehicle damages another vehicle during shipment, you will be responsible for that damage.
  • Prepare your vehicle for the new climate. This may include servicing of engine coolant, transmission oil, or other fluids.
  • If the car has loose external parts or items, remove or secure them before transport.
  • Clean the exterior of your vehicle to ensure an accurate pre-during transport inspection.
  • Ensure your vehicle is operable. If it is not operable, please let us know in advance and advise us as to whether it rolls, brakes, and steers. Additional fees may apply to the transport of inoperable vehicles.
  • Ensure your battery is in good condition. Our driver must be notified in advance if your vehicle has a history of battery failure.
  • Disconnect, disable, or turn off all aftermarket alarm systems. If the alarm system goes off during transport, it may drain the vehicle’s battery, requiring you to pay an additional fee to have the battery charged.
  • Fully retract or remove all antennas.
  • Advice us of any modifications made to your vehicle (such as lift kits, lowering, or non-standard tires). We need to know about these modifications in advance to ensure your vehicle will fit in the carrier at time of pickup. If your vehicle doesn’t fit in the carrier due to undeclared modifications, you may lose your deposit or be required to reschedule pickup.
  • Remove all plants and hazardous materials from your vehicle. By law, these items cannot be transported in our carriers.
  • If you are shipping overseas, ensure there is between 1/4 and 1/2 tank of fuel in your vehicle.
  • Provide us with a working phone number where you can be reached throughout the duration of your vehicle transportation.

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