Architecture Aerodynamics

The Venturi Asia wind tunnel is Southeast Asia’s first commercial wind tunnel dedicated to the built environment

It has been claimed by a number of wind engineers that testing of buildings in the wind tunnel has a potential to save as much as 20% of the overall cost mainly due to structure and cladding

Environmental Engineering LEED, BREEAM and WELL

Architecture Aerodynamics

Venturi Asia is a Malaysia registered wind engineering company operating from Kuala Lumpur.The company was formed in collaboration with BMT from United Kingdom, one of the oldest and most experienced wind engineering practices worldwide.

In September 2019 BMT Group decided to end its involvement in wind engineering which led to a new alliance between Venturi Asia and the technical leadership team of BMT who had formed a new consultancy firm, Architectural Aerodynamics, to continue their practice in this field.

Our Practice Areas

By knowing how wind and buildings interact, your design team can increase the efficient use of materials, reduce unnecessary costs and risks, and ensure a reliable design that is comfortable for occupants..

Projects Buildings


Façade Cladding Pressure Analysis

Other environmental impact assessment

Structural Load Analysis

Wind Climate Analysis


Building dynamic response analysis


Pedestrian Wind Comfort Analysis

Multiple adjustable 6-component force balance system for unsteady high frequency force balance measurements

Multi hole pressure probes for dynamic, 3-component velocity and local static pressure measurements in real-time

Omni-directional differential pressure probes for unsteady wind speed measurements

Digital video recording and editing facilities

Our BOUNDARY LAYER WIND TUNNEL is capable of being remotely operated from anywhere in the world.

Due to this connectivity, we have the capability to carry out mitigation workshops with overseas clients who can be involved interactively with our tunnel staff.

Run by highly skilled wind tunnel operators, the facility is equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation and data acquisition systems

Located just outside of Kuala Lumpur, our tunnel has a test section of 3m wide x 2m high x 21m long with a 2.9m diameter multiple plate turntable and a remotely controllable three-dimensional traversing system

We love to show you our facility and talk about how we could be of benefit to your particular development.

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