Airport Advertising

Half the world’s population use airports globally, that’s 4.3 billion people and growing. Airports invest millions of dollars in upgrading passenger’s experience encouraging passengers to spend more time at airports. Airports also emphasise on advertising, providing the best digital technology to maintain consistency in passenger experience. Combination of digital technology and creative ideas allows brands to communicate and engage with passengers seamlessly ensuring improved ROI from their campaigns. Airport Advertising has become a crucial “must-have media” in all advertising campaigns because it is the only growing media platform that allows brands to effectively connect with global network of high-income audiences in a captive environment. Airport Advertising – experience tomorrow, today.

One of the most iconic airport media in the world. The K1 Digital Arrival Spectacular – 4 super large digital LED screens, dominates the international arrival hall. They deliver incredible HD quality images for maximum impact.

Introducing Malaysia’s longest (and probably largest) indoor digital screen – The K1 Digital Dream. Completely dominating the international arrival baggage hall, this imposing 75 metres digital wall creates a super wow factor for any brands that dare.

Create a truly lasting impression to all international departing passengers with our K1 Departure Branding Zone. An exceptional opportunity for your brand to connect with 100% international departing passengers.

Connect With Air Passengers

As Of 31 December 2019

Digital Screens

Dwell Time in Airport (Minutes)


International Airport Malaysia’s Number 1 Airport delivering 60% of all flyers in Malaysia.


International Airport The world’s largest terminal built for LCCs The world’s third best low cost terminal.


International Airport Malaysia’s only private airport connected to 11x domestic and 7x international destinations.