Multiple Ad Material

You can have a few different versions playing in sequence to demonstrate the various features of your product or service.

Time Sensitive Content

Imagine playing time-sensitive content. Studies show that meaningful content generates more meaningful engagement. i.e. breakfast, lunch and dinner ads aired time sensitively.

Flexible Sharing of Budgets

Imagine enjoying the economies of scale buying and yet sharing budget internally between internal brands or products to enjoy optimization of cost and relevance of meaningful utility…did I just say that? YES!

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Visual Retale

We have the ability to place your message in front of a wide range of audience across the country through multiple touchpoints such as high traffic roads, expressways, airports, hospitals, shopping malls, transit hubs and more.

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You focus on growing your business, we take care of the rest

Increased Visibility

DOOH is a great way to ensure your ad gets the attention it deserves. It combats against blind spot fatigue commonly suffered.

Flexibility in Campaign Material

DOOH allows for frequent change in campaign material. All we require is one day to secure DBP, Dewan Bahasa & Pustaka approval and then we zap it wirelessly from our HQ.


No production or installation costs. Changes made can be aired quickly. It, therefore, allows for super short campaigns without expensive production or media costs.

Our Digital Displays

Our outdoor & indoor digital displays are situated at high reach locations, as well as areas with long dwell times. The impactful scale ensured to grab viewers attention.


  • Duration: 15 & 30 seconds / slot
  • Size: Top 88’ (H) x 68’ (W) & Bottom 22’ (H) x 68’ (W)
  • Operation Hours: 18hrs Mon-Sun (7am-1am)
  • Reach: 260,000 vehicles daily. 10.5 million eyes per month


  • Duration: 15 & 30 seconds / slot
  • Size: Top 88’ (H) x 68’ (W) & Bottom 22’ (H) x 68’ (W)
  • Operation Hours: 18hrs Mon-Sun (7am-1am)
  • Reach: 75,000 vehicles daily. 2.7 million eyes per month


  • Duration: 15 & 30 seconds / slot
  • Size: Top 41’ (H) x 30’ (W) & Bottom 22’ 9’ (H) x 30 (W)
  • Operation Hours: 18hrs Mon-Sun (7am-1am)
  • Reach: 80,000 vehicles daily. 2.88 million eyes per month

The Definitive Guide For Choosing The Right Advertising Billboard

When choosing a display for your business, you want to select the best option, one that meets all your requirements.


Pay attention to OOH ads


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